Building Snow Crash

Inquiry Seminar: Metaverse, Final Design Project

Collaborative work in a group of 3,


Figma, Unity


This site presents the visual part of the final project of my Spring 2022 Inquiry Seminar: Metaverse, where we conducted close readings of literature, video games, and other published media to better understand arguments surrounding what constitutes a metaverse and the implications of transitioning physical interactions fully to digital spaces. For the class project, our group is assigned to build the metaverse world in the science fiction Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson. We started by writing a complete prototype requirements document for the world, including definitions, features, functionality, hardware, and technological limitations. Then we sketched out the two-dimensional plans in Figma. Finally, we built the 3D scenes in Unity.

Sketching Out 2D Plans

The scenes we chose from the fiction were the Street, Black Sun Company, and the Monorail. I sketched the plans of the Street and ideated the structure of Black Sun and the Monorail.

Constructing the 3D

Based on the plans, we then built out the world in Unity, using commercial stock 3D models. The overall aesthetic follows a dusky, realistic, and vintage style. I built the scene of the Street and helped modify the material texture of indoor objects in Black Sun.